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Write a blog they said. What do I write about, I said. So my first attempt at this is all about everyone's favorite: VACATION! I am headed to the ocean in 2 days, 6 hours and 12 minutes, not that I am counting. (I have an app for that) There are so many apps out there that I am going to take the time on my vacation to clean my phone of apps that I no longer use. I have a lot! What are your favorite apps for planning a vacation? I use trip advisor, vacation countdown, Twiddy app(rental property), priceline, gas buddy, just to name a few. I suppose you can count google maps as an app, I would probably still be lost if I didn't use my map. 

So VACATION, the event that happens every summer. This year is a little later than the last few but I feel it will be very relaxing. We are headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you have never heard of it, google it and this time next year you may be planning your own trip there. Why did we end up there? My love of lighthouses lead us to search out the OBX. If you spend time there you can see 5 and possibly climb 3 of them all the way to the top. So you probably think that we sleep in, chill on the beach and just relax. NOT me, my name is Dawn for a reason, I LOVE SUNRISE! Everyday of vacation you will find me on the beach at sunrise, of course there may be one day I don't get up because it is cloudy or rainy. But I get up and share my vacation memories with social media by posting every morning of my vacation sunrise photos. So be on the look out for #OBX2016Chadwicks photos to come.Image title

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