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The choice is yours! Here are 10 architectural designs that will leave you saying "wow!"

Tuesday, July 2, 2019   /   by Troy Krabbenhoft

The choice is yours! Here are 10 architectural designs that will leave you saying "wow!"

Living in the Fargo/Moorhead area presents many fantastic opportunities when it comes to houses. There are historical houses that have survived the test of time in this rugged land, with stunning woodwork and stained glass windows. There are newer homes that catch your eye as you pass by with their unique, fresh designs. However, not every home that is already built and standing is the perfect home for you. Be the size, style or layout of the home, we all have that perfect design in mind, so why not build your own? You would be surprised at how many different architectural styles of homes can be built, here are the top 10 architectural designs we would choose for our dream home, number 7 is STUNNING! 

#1 Cape Cod

The first style we are going to talk about is Cape Cod, the original Cape Cod homes were built in the 1600 and had been inspired by thatched cottages in Britain. These  have larger chimneys to stand the cold in the northern winters. The steep roofs were built with cedar shingles and second story windows.  

Beautiful example of a more modern cape cod design! LOVE the front facade and the modern back facade 

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#2 Craftsman 

This style of home was inspired from the Arts and Crafts Movement, made from stone, brick and wood, really focusing on natural materials. Wide front porches allow you to easily spend the warm evenings or cool early mornings enjoying the air. The interior has an open floor plan with exposed beams and fireplaces!
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#3 Contemporary 
 Contemporary refers to the building styles today but can very in design and appearance, these homes really emphasize on being energy efficient, having a great amount of natural light, sustainable and recycled materials. If living green is what you want, then look no further!     
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#4 Ranch 

In the 1930 Ranch homes started being built and were originally modeled after rural western ranchers. This style of architecture can bear a resemblance of a modern open floor plans that you can easily access the outdoors. These houses have a very practical floor plan and allow lots of room for a large family's needs. Most Ranch styles have an attached garage and can be split level or single level. 

 #5 Spanish

Spanish style houses are not very common in this area, however it doesn't make them any less beautiful. Mission, a style of Spanish homes, is one of the most popular that was inspired by the Spanish Churches that had been built by the missionary in the 20th century. The corridors are arched and any pillars are square, one of its most striking features are the quatrefoil windows which resemble flowers. 
Spanish Colonial Home Plans Best Of Style Homes Floor  House Mission Revival . kerala house plans mexican style courtyard. dutch colonial house plans story. 

#6 Victorian 

1830 to 1910 under the rain of Queen Victoria is where the Victorian architecture came to life. These homes are built more for beauty than anything else, with detailed trim, large porches, multi-faceted roof lines and the asymmetrical shape they create a complex design that is sure to turn heads. 
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#7 Log Home 

Log homes originated in the 1600 as small cabins, built as one room and had no nails in it. This style of home can be built in any location and serve as luxurious getaways. Let's be honest, who would want to stay in a place as fantastic as this? I can assure you that these are no ordinary Lincoln Logs in the Magnificent "cabins" we have now days. 
Related image
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#8 Cottage

A cottage style house typically is referring to a small home that is made of either stone or wood siding. They feature curved entryway, brick or gravel front walkway and brighter colors. You will find many of these cozy homes in the historical neighborhoods of Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo. These homes are affordable, with an aesthetic that appeals to every generation. 

#9 Farmhouse 

The term "farmhouse" doesn't refer to style, but rather to location and function. They were originally built on rural land with an emphasis on an agrarian lifestyle. With that in mind farm houses were built for need rather than design, featuring porches and open interior.

#10 Prairie

This house was developed by Frank Lloyd Wright with the idea in mind that the house should have all the practical needs without being to flashy or over embellished. This home was also inspired by the arts and crafts movement. The Prairie style home features long flat roofs, horizontal lines, and rows of windows. 

These are just some of the possibilities you could choose for your future home, which one was your favorite? If it is time to sell your old home and build your dream home, you can now narrow down the style you are wishing to achieve. When you build your own home not only are you getting the house of your dreams but you are helping local business in the community. We at the Krabbenhoft Real Estate Team have great relationships with local builder's, and always have time to join you in a builder's presentation. When you ever get the urge to see listings of a particular style, we are always willing to serve you with open arms.